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GUEST POST: It doesn’t matter what kind of writing you do or what niche you feel is your best, writing takes effort. Writing takes practice, discipline, and some days just plain hard work. The pay off is not always in money either. The pay off is when a reader contacts you about something you wrote that touched their heart in a way to make a difference in their life.

With that understanding, what kind of topics and ideas do writers need to stay motivated to keep writing?

I think encouragement in the form of success stories is helpful but the best ideas and resources are those that help me to hone my writing skills. One of those resources is by author Nancy I Sanders. Her book titled Yes! You Can…Build a Successful Writing Career is a step by step guide to making your writing work. She also has a blog at where she lists very helpful links and resources for writers.

Another good source are the websites of published authors. Start by doing a search of your favorite author in the genre you wish to write. From there I am almost certain you will find at least one link to check out. One of my favorite authors is Kevin Henkes, author of Little White Rabbit and Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse. I was lucky to have heard him speak at the BEA convention last May and was impressed with his down to earth advice. His website at offers insight into his writing process and for me it is always fun to see how published authors do it.

A new writer must keep in mind that it can take many tries and rejections before finding the right place for your work. The percent of authors that make it BIG with the first manuscript is small so it is wise to be excited by not discouraged when you don’t make it big with your very first story. Embrace rejections as a learning experience, work on honing your writing skills, and be grateful for any acceptances you acquire especially those that pay.

Exposure for the first years of a writing career mean more than the paycheck as a new writer builds a platform and a niche.

Keep checking back to my site for more advice and sometimes tidbits of my own writing story. And feel free to share your writing story too. The good thing about authors is that we are a fine group of people that support each other and encourage success without jealousy. You won’t find a better group of professional people that share what they know so others can learn and improve.

Terri Forehand
Author of The Cancer Prayer Book and a soon to be released PB titled The ABC’s of Cancer According to Lilly Isabella Lane. Blog editor at Stories for Children publishing and author of numerous articles on nursing and health related topics.

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