How to Sign Up for Twitter

We’ve looked at the What and Why of Twitter. Now let’s look at

1. Go to

2. You will see a set of three blocks to fill in.

FULL NAME: Put in your name as you wish it to appear on the site. e.g. My first account is Shirl_Corder. My second is RiseAndSoar, because I want to relate to those needing encouragement through cancer. There is a later opportunity to add your “proper” name if you wish to use a screen name for some reason, as in RiseAndSoar. If you receive a tweet from me at RiseAndSoar, you will see that my name, Shirley Corder, still appears next to the username.

E-MAIL: Type in whichever email address you wish to use. In my case, I had to use a second email address for RiseAndSoar.

PASSWORD: Choose a “clever” password (see tips below) and before you leave the page, copy all three details down somewhere you won’t forget under the headline Twitter. Don’t think you won’t forget, because you will.

SIGN UP: Click on the button.

CONFIRMATION EMAIL: Go to your inbox, and click on the confirmation link. (Don’t do what I did the first time. They actually send two emails. One is to check that you really did apply to sign up. Ignore that one. (I clicked on the link – DUH!) The second email is to
confirm the link. Click on the link and you’ll go back to your Twitter home page. You’re now signed up for Twitter. Congratulations!

4. Upload a photo. You don’t have to do this, but I strongly recommend it. Many people will not follow you if you are just an “egg” (the default icon).
I also recommend you use a photo as against a fun icon. People usually prefer to follow real people. So for RiseAndSoar, I still have my photo up, just a different one.

I saw this in practice when I was looking for new followers with cancer connections. I avoided those with company icons and went for the personal links. Photos need to be small, but you’ll see their requirements.

5. The easiest way to get started is to link with a few friends. Spend some time looking around the site. You’ll find a variety of ways to invite folk to follow you. (“Follow” is not some weird cultish practice. It is simply like adding them as a friend in FaceBook or as a contact in your email

Type Shirl_Corder (or RiseAndSoar if you are interested in cancer encouragement) into the search box at the top. When my page opens for you, check the button to “follow”. Now you have at least one follower, and I will probably follow you back.

If you want to spend some time adding people to your list, you can learn more about this here: But trust me, the list will start to grow as you use it, without you spending a lot of time on it.

One last point. Twitter is an extremely busy site. If you are confronted with a whale instead of a cute bird, reload the page – or do something else and come back in a few minutes.

So – sign yourself up with Twitter TODAY, and make sure you choose a strong password. More info on Twitter will be available next week.