The Power of Morning Pages by Jenna Avery, CLC

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As a Highly Sensitive Soul, you may sometimes feel disconnected from yourself, particularly when you feel overwhelmed. In my experience, it can be challenging to “come back to yourself,” especially in a world where busyness and materialism abound. Compounding this, we’ve often told, “Oh, you’re just too sensitive.” read more

Early Morning Pages

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Years ago, I read Julie Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, for the first time. In it she describes a craft she calls,“Morning Pages.” “Morning Pages are three pages of longhand writing, strictly stream-of-consciousness.” She goes on to say: read more

A Writer’s Journal

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I think one of the reasons for my repeated failure in the World of The Diary, was the thought that diaries had to be a record, a very full record, of my entire day. And of course, that was impossible. I spent far too much time climbing trees, rushing to finish my homework (that was in the days when I still did homework) so that I could go and play, avoiding my parents wrath over the latest misdemeanor, and going for long walks with my dog in the monkey-infested bush near our home. read more

Poet and Don’t Know It?

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A fun way to journal is to write in rhyme. Try writing a limerick, which is quick and easy. Or a four-line stanza. Write about your garden, or your time at the shops. Describe the clouds, or your new puppy. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t scan well. You’re doing this for yourself, remember? But you may be surprised how it ends up. read more