Photos from the book launch

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The night of the big launch!

The night before and the morning of the big launch, the family joined together in a first-time-ever work-party. There was much fun, laughter, clowning, and even some hard work.

For me this was one of the highlights of the evening: having almost my entire family around, working together. I missed my daughter and family far away in freezing Kazakhstan but everyone else was there – even the dog!

Collage 1

Top Row, Left to Right: Myself; Husband, Rob; Daughter-in-law, Pam; leaflet table; elder son, Steve; and daughter-in-law, Hannelie, pack bags.

Middle Row: Son, David; next morning David with Pam; grand-daughter, Samantha, colors in a picture for Granny. Goody bag assembly line.

Bottom Row: Steve and Hannelie share a joke; Zoё keeps an eye open for scraps; Timothy flies a remote-controlled helicopter; and back to the goody bags.

Collage 2


Book Launch Collage1sm

Top Row, Left to right: Husband, Rob, welcomes everyone; Elder son, Steve, shares his thoughts on the book.

Middle row: Daughter-in-law Hannelie helps me choose the ‘lucky winner’; And the winner is . . . Pieter Viljoen; Next photo I make a point, and I promise I wasn’t angry!; Below, Rob makes a point.

Botttom row: Younger son, David, gets some jokes at my expense; Rob again and the responsive audience.

Collage 3

Book launch2sm

And these more that speak for themselves!

The choir is the Happy Echoes in which both Rob of us sing. I am their assistant director, and Rob is one of two comperes.

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