Outdoing Myself: Reading Challenge Update

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Hello all you eager readers!

Because I only started this challenge half way through last month, I’m going to post my progress for the entire month of January. From now on, I’ll post at the end of each month.


  1. Dying Declaration – by Randy Singer (legal mystery/suspense)
  2. Angels Walking – by Karen Kingsbury (Coming of age)
  3. Unlocked – by Karen Kingsbury (biographical / coming of age)
  4. A Time to Laugh – by Marion Ueckermann (contemporary humor)
  5. Trapped! – by Irene Hannon (Mystery/suspense)
  6. Where there’s Smoke – by Susan May Warren (inspirational romantic suspense)
  7. Desperate Women of the Bible – by Jo Kadlecek (New Testament study)

Since last post:

  1. Troubled Waters – by Susan May Warren (Mystery romantic suspense.)
  2. Melborne Memories – by Marion Ueckermann (contemporary romance/suspense)
  3. Burn Time – by Heather I. James (Crime Thriller) I have to admit to being disappointed by this book. It started well and her main character is well-portrayed, but the story just ended abruptly with me thinking, “And now????”

Currently Reading:


I’ve added the genre according to the Amazon ranking as chosen by the publisher. These are all good reads!

Please note that unless otherwise stated, these are all books by Christian authors, not because I’m narrow-minded but because I like to enjoy my books. I like to be able to read without fear of having to dodge foul language or lurid sex scenes. Where they are specifically devotional or study books, I have said so.

Score to Date: 

I’ve set my level of reading to Level 4 – “I’m on Fire!” My goal for this year is to read 50 books, fiction or non-fiction. I also plan to write at least 6 reviews.

January 31: 10 down, 40 to go!

Reviews: 3 down, 3 to go.

2018 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge

12 comments on “Outdoing Myself: Reading Challenge Update

    • Thanks Linda. So far so good. I’m not trying to push myself, so it’s interesting to see how much I actually do read. (And I only read in bed at night! Sometimes till late late!)

  1. It is super impressive that you have gathered pace for reading and you just have 40 more to go for the whole year. I am sure it would not be so hard. I am trying to finish reading a book now by Gulzar – Half a Rupee. Gulzar is one of the most respected and finest scriptwriter-cum- directors of Indian cinema since past five decades. Hope to complete it soon.

    • Thanks for the visit,Sudha.the interesting thing is I’m not consciously trying to read more.I just get into bed and readch for my book! But you’re right,I should easily make my goal for the year. I haven’t heard of Gulzar. I hope you’re enjoying it.

  2. Woho…Shirley you are really on fire! Salute to your dedication and I am jealous of your reading now! I just finished one book. I read “Treasure Island” by R L Stevenson and it was the one that my daughter aged 10 yrs had got it from her school library!

    • Well done on getting through “Treasure Island”, Anagha. Do you know I’ve never read it? I’ve seen the movie but I’ve never read the book!

  3. That is some impressive reading! My target is half that and I’m struggling. By the way, I didn’t realise that Christian authors avoided those things (I suppose it’s obvious when you think about it!). I’m not too keen on books full of swearing and sex either but usually take the ‘clean’ route of children’s books when I need a break from it. Anyway, good luck!

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