Ongoing Opportunities in Blogging

This entry is part 17 of the series Build a Better Blog

Welcome back to our series on how to Build a Better Blog. As part of the A to Z Challenge we have reached the letter O.

O is for Ongoing Opportunities.

Blogs are in themselves great opportunities as well as they create opportunities to reach out to the community.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Here is a list in no particular order of opportunities in relation to blogs.

  • Write a Book.

    We have already mentioned the possibility of blogging a book. Many books have been written via a blog. Every year hundreds of people take part in the A to Z blogging challenge, and a good number of these authors turn their posts into a book.

    I intend doing that with this series. I will add some other snippets and bits of information to be fair on those who read it on my blog, so there will be something new for everyone.

  • Outside Contacts

    As you blog more and more on your niche topic, you may be contacted by a company or firm that is interested in your material. Alternatively, you could make contact with the PR of the company and tell her about your blog. This could lead to a money-making opportunity.

    • Offer to do a review of their product, or to publish an interview with a key person in their company. This could be free advertisement for them and at the same time will bring more attention to your blog. Or of course you could make the offer at a “reduced price”.
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  • Opportunities with unexpected results

    These may open up unexpectedly.  e.g. Esther from Faint Star Lite started working with Weight Watchers because of her blog and has had several years of experience with the team.

    • Your blog may show you to have skill and insight that companies can use. As a result they may want to hire you to do work for them. That is one of the many reasons to always present professional and interesting posts.
  • You can offer an opportunity to promote other people’s work on a reciprocal basis.

  • Promote your books, articles, and open discussion with others . . . 

. . . about topics dear to your heart. Just don’t make it all about self promotion or your reader will soon switch off from you.

  • Students or teachers, you can boost your academic impact.

This will put you in touch with learners and authorities all over the world and create endless opportunities for you.

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  • For teachers, there are tremendous opportunities . . .

. . . to use blogs in or outside the classroom.

Blogging will improve your students’ writing skills and teach them much about research.

It can also boost their self-confidence and may bring a sense of excitement to their learning and your teaching. See this site for further helpful information on the use of blogs in the classroom.

  • Writers or those you want to get established as an authority in a niche . . .

. . . need to write longer, high quality articles. These are more likely to be shared and will rank higher in Google. Don’t just follow the school of thought that all posts should be around 500 words.

  • Leave comments on other blogs.

Take the opportunity of promoting your own blog or one particular article at the end of your comment. This is not considered spamming provided you only leave one link and there is a reason for it.

When someone leaves a comment with five links to their Facebook page, Amazon sales page, and a host of others, I become annoyed and may even remove their comment. However, there is no harm in leaving a signature line or a link to an article you’ve written on a topic that will complement the one you have just read.

Here’s an example I used during the Out of Africa challenge I participated in. Feel free to adapt it for yourself. Simply change my name to yours, then the URL of your blog inside the first <>, and the title of your post in place of Out of Africa like so:

Shirley Corder from <a href=””>Out of Africa</a> – Topics from A to Z.That will show as a live link, and the final phrase will show in plain text like this: Shirley Corder from Out of Africa – Topics from A to Z.

  • Guest blogging holds many opportunities.

Either offer to blog for others, or ask them to write for your blog. See Kissometric’s teaching to get further suggestions on how to do this.

O is for Ongoing Opportunities as you Build a Better Blog. #atozchallenge Click To Tweet

  • Look for popular topics to blog about.

Conduct searches e.g. on Google+ or Twitter for popular topics. These can be used to increase your own knowledge on a topic, or you may find new opportunities for a guest blogger.

Build a Better BlogSo now you’ve seen just a few of the opportunities offered by building a better blog. Which of these appeal to you? Have you other suggestions? Please leave a note in a comment box, and don’t forget to leave a signature line so I can follow you back!

Have a great blogging day. See you tomorrow when we look at P is for Planning with Purpose.


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36 comments on “Ongoing Opportunities in Blogging

  1. Another lovely post Shirley. Love the bits of humour here and there… ‘Edit Fast’ got to me because i actually feel the adrenaline rush from the moment i spot an error to when i quickly run off to edit…i’m like ‘ How did i miss that’…..

  2. Hello again, Shirley!

    These were all excellent points.

    I got my first freelance writing job through my blog. Then, for a brief period, I also conducted classes. You already know about my ebook, right?

    It’s true, blogging does open up a lot of new opportunities for us.

    I do hope you publish your ebook from this series.

    Btw, I just published my O post @ A to Z of Happiness: Optimism.
    Do visit it.
    Happy AtoZing!

      • Thank you for your kind comment! Actually, if I’m not mistaken, I found a comment in the spam folder on my WordPress blog and I’m pretty sure it was yours. I un-spammed it. For some reason, WordPress does that on occasion.

        The comment box is at the bottom of the post, after you click the post title. 🙂

        Plan my posts? You mean for this Challenge? Well, I’ve had the idea for close to a year, and every time I had a thought on which words I could use, I saved them in a single Google Keep note I keep pinned to the top. Then, when I was satisfied with what I had. I put all my posts together using Windows Live Writer and then posted them to WP. 🙂 Thank you for asking!

  3. Hi, Shirley. I am a fairly new blogger, so it’s nice to see how many opportunities there are for me. I can’t wait to network with and get to know the writers who inspire me.

  4. Hi Shirley, These are really great suggestions. I intend to put a book together based on my last year’s A to Z challenge (mermaids) but it’s still on the back burner.
    I’m going to go back and read your earlier posts.

  5. Shirley,

    One thing that is often over-looked is bloggers are not being interactive with the commenters by responding to the comments left on their site. This is something I learned I needed to do. I saw others doing this and realized the connection the blog author had with his/her audience. The blog author grew a more loyal fan base than those who do not take this extra step. Now, I try to reply to all commenters no matter how vague or small their comment is on my site. Great info. You convinced me to join your mailing list! 😉 Have a great day a2zing!

    ~Curious as a Cathy
    Art Sketching Through the Alphabet “O” (Owl)

    • Cathy, you are so right. As you know, the A to Z challenge encourages us to leave a link in our signature lines. Someone expressed frustration with this as they told me all my comments went into her spam folder. So I deliberately didn’t use links that day – and my comments dropped right down. So I am making a point of periodically warning people to watch their spam folders, but I have to say in the entire time I’ve had this blog on my website, I haven’t had one comment end there. I guess it’s to do with the security settings. Have a blessed day!

      • Shirley, I love it when bloggers leave their breadcrumb for me to follow straight the post they want me to visit instead of guessing where to go or how to find a particular post. This is especially nice if the site I’m visiting doesn’t have their recent posts listed for visitors to easily click on. To this day, I still forget the Spam folder but I’m quicker to remember than I did last year. lol Have a good day and happy a2zing!

        • I definitely like it when bloggers leave the link to their specific post. I’m glad you feel the same way. It makes life far easier. To this day, I have never found a comment in my Spam Folder. I rarely check it, but when I do it’s always empty.

  6. Lots of great ideas Shirley – I’ve never really felt the need to take my blog further – I tried a couple of product reviews, but I always feel like I’m selling my soul. I’ve guest posted and I comment a lot – but I see that as connection and friendship, rather than a means of taking it to the next level.
    Leanne | cresting the hill

    • Hi Leanne, You’re right. Not everyone wants (or needs) to take a blog further. I didn’t for years, but now I’m a published author I need to do all I can to make my blog “out there”. Have a great day!

  7. I’m always thinking about ways to improve my blogging and writing. I keep telling myself that one day I’m going to have some time and will sit down and actually write my story.
    I love blogging because it connects me to people that I would not otherwise connect with.

    Jingle Jangle Jungle
    #AtoZChallenge 1970’s Billboard Hits

    • Hi Mary. Thanks for visiting. Don’t wait for “one day” – Like tomorrow, it never comes. Sit down and start with that first paragraph and you’ll be hooked! Enjoy your day!

  8. I love this list of opportunities. I feel like blogging offers endless opportunities to advance and develop yourself in new ways. I am so glad to be a blogger. I have expanded my knowledge so much and I am learning new things everyday. I feel myself becoming more valuable

    • Thanks Natasha. You’re right. Just as you think you can’t do any more with your blog, another opportunity opens up. Have a great day and thanks for the visit.

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