Moving Swiftly On . . .

This entry is part 7 of the series Florida 2010

Between the last post and the 27th of February (Blast-Off Day) much has happened which you really don’t want to read about! However here are a few comments.

I went back to work as a nursing sister (RN) and loved it. I did four months of full-time night-duty. The work was fine but unfortunately I couldn’t sleep during the day. My circadian rhythm (a.k.a. body clock) got into a real mess and didn’t want me to sleep day or night. Not good.

Still, the job itself was a blessing. I worked a 12- hour shift but had plenty free time during the night. I had a quiet office to myself with permission to take my laptop and write. There were no on-line distractions and around 70 patients/residents who mostly slept, although there were some fun nights. I had never believed in the Full Moon influence on the human brain, but trust me! I came to dread the full moon. Several of the patients were quite unruly or hyper-excited, or even aggressive on those nights.

A few days later, and that which was lost was found . . . my missing meditations in an assortment of folders between the two computers. I quickly made several backups on different external hard-drives. I completed the book while on night duty and started work on the proposal.

I developed my annual allergic-based laryngitis and sinusitis and lost my voice completely. This see-sawed between “improving” and “terrible” over the next four months. My voice only came back the week before I left for the conference, and my sinuses finally cleared when I flew to America. Hmm. D’you suppose I could get the doctor to prescribe an annual trip to America?

Our daughter, Debbie, and family were out on furlough from Kazakhstan and we had some great family times. Writing of course took a back seat during those days, although I worked in the evenings when they were in bed, and in the mornings before they were up.

And so the days flew by . . . until it was time to pack my new red cases, ready for the big adventure.