Looking at FaceBook


For the next few posts, let’s look at FaceBook. This is not going to be in as much depth as the Twitter sessions were, but if you’re a writer, you need to be on FaceBook. If you have family across the world, you need to be on FaceBook. If you like to communicate with your friends and like the thought of getting in contact with friends from long ago, you need to be on FaceBook.

So, let’s make a start.

Let’s begin at the very beginning, which, as Julie Andrews once told us, is a “very good place to start”.

  • What is it?
  • Why is it around?
  • What’s the point in belonging?
  • Is it any good?

Before you answer, let’s look at a couple of statistics:

  • Facebook ranks as the #2 site in the world, second only to Google.
  • It has over 800,000,000 – that’s right, 800 million users.
  • More than 50% of those users log onto the site daily.
  • It is the fastest growing social media, with Twitter following behind.
  • It has a wider reach than Twitter.
  • You can add multi-media including videos and photos.

So let’s try another question.

As a writer, what shouldn’t you do with FaceBook?

There are a few things, but the main one is, you shouldn’t rely on it as your only online presence. FaceBook, or FB as it’s often referred to, is forever changing its format and the way it does things. You don’t own your FB page. You have no say over what they’re going to do next. They could delete everything. They might shut down their servers, or they could even go bust. Don’t become reliant on it.

FB is an ideal place to get to know people, share information, and interact with your circle of the public. One of the key factors is to bring people on FB to your website or blog, and encourage them to subscribe. Encourage them to follow you on Twitter, so that you can continue to interact with them no matter what FB comes up with.