Keep Up the Momentum by Many Writers

Some authors and editors share some tips with you on how to keep up the momentum as a writer.

Write daily. Practice makes perfect.
Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson

Don’t hold back because you think you’re a nobody. If you have a heart to help other writers, regardless of the stage you’re in or where they are, you’ll find a way.
Cec Murphey Author – Speaker
Writers write, they do not think about writing.
Brandy S. Brow 
Talented writers are a dime a dozen. Talented, disciplined, persistent writers are a little harder to find.
Sharon Dunn 
To cure writer’s block, read the Writer’s Market. Sometimes reading what the editors are looking for will spark your imagination.
Paula Hrbacek 
Keep your nose to the grindstone; don’t turn away from the plough to see what others are doing, or you will lose focus.
Lenora Worth 
Natasha Kern, my agent, suggests the gorilla in the phone booth: “I must make a phone call … but there is a gorilla in the phone booth … but I must make a phone call … but there is a gorilla in the phone booth … but I must make a phone call …”[Help] your characters face their greatest fears — a gorilla — and be willing to get into that phone booth with it.
Robin Lee Hatcher 
Study how the publishing industry works.
Randy Ingermanson Publisher, Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine.
Engage in social media. It will help you improve your writing and develop your tribe. You need both to be successful.
Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson
I am passionately involved in the process; I am emotionally detached from the result.
Cec Murphey
Getting published is mostly luck … the harder you work, the luckier you get.
Thomas Smith 
Look at rejections as proof that you’re working, not as signs of failure.
Marie DisBrow 
Keep sending new articles out, and you won’t have time to grieve over the rejections.
Shirley M. Corder 


About Shirley

Shirley Corder is an author who writes to inspire and encourage. She has a passion for helping other writers and cancer survivors.