A Juice Fast

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Fasting (Originally published December 2010. Updated 29 August, 2017)

We’ve looked at reasons for doing a juice fast, and how to prepare your body for one. We’ve seen that there are some people who should never do a juice fast, and others who should do even the short 24 hour fast under medical supervision. Here are some more do’s and don’ts for you to consider. Once again, please do not undertake a juice fast of more than 24 hours without medical supervision or advice.

  • If you’re on prescription medicine, speak to your doctor or other health professional before starting your fast. Fasting while drinking juice may reduce your blood proteins, which may affect the reaction of prescription drugs in your body. Do NOT skip your medicine without professional advice.
  • Juice used in a fast should be freshly squeezed. Commercial products have a lower nutritional value due to the techniques used in preparation.
  • Drink the juice as soon as it’s finished, or the enzymes will start to digest the other nutrients.
  • If you add water, use filtered or purified water, or you could undo the effect of the fast.
  • Do not use grapefruit juice during a juice fast, especially if you are on prescription drugs. Some research indicates that pomegranate juice may also have an effect on drugs so play safe and avoid that as well if you’re on medication.
  • Don’t load your body with “fuel” the night before by eating a large meal. Rather eat a light, easily digested meal, such as steamed fish or chicken to ease your body into the fast.
  • In addition to the fresh juice, aim to drink about six glasses of filtered water. This should be warm or room temperature–not iced.
  • Don’t smoke, or drink alcohol during the fast. Again this will undo the point of your fast. When your fast is over, have a few complete meals before drinking alcohol.
  • After your fast, start with easily digested food, such as soup.

Come back next week for some side effects you can expect when doing a juice fast. 

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