Introduction to Africa

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What do you think of when you hear of Africa?

Do you picture our vast assortment of magnificent wild animals, especially the big five? Do you think of the majestic Table Mountain, resplendent with her table cloth? Or the vast Sahara Desert?

Do you remember the scenes of violence you saw on TV, or the high crime rates? How about the first heart transplant? Or do you see a fascinating kaleidoscope of countries and cultures, traditions and beliefs, that all live in this amazing continent, the second biggest in the world?

Because of our normal map format, with the world laid out flat, the countries nearer the poles look far larger than they actually are.

Below is a map of Africa that recently hit the cyber waves with a mixed reaction. Designed by Kai Krause, it shows some of the key countries of the world as they fit into Africa according to their square mileage. Some countries have been rotated to fit them in, but I think you’ll agree, the results are astonishing.

I hope to give you a little taste of what living in this amazing continent is like.


  • Because I live in South Africa most, but not all, of the posts will be based in that part of the continent.
  • Because South Africa is my home, I speak and write in British /South African English. No apologies for any spelling or punctuation different to what you’re used to. If this bothers you, read through my series on International English.
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Africa real size