Instagram and What I Learned This Week

instagram-logoWhen I used to hear about a new form of Social Media, I would jump in headfirst. The result is I belong to things I know nothing about and I don’t have time to learn.

So when I noticed that more and more people were using Instagram, one which I haven’t signed up for yet, I decided to change my tactic. I would first learn whether I wanted to use it, and what I would gain by it.

I scheduled five questions to appear on my Facebook Author page throughout the week. Although the questions had plenty views not many answered, so I decided to put them out here in the hope that I get some more insight from you my readers.

Instagram_1So here we go:

Instagram: Do you use it?

This required a simple “Yes” or “No.” Four people said YES. and four gave definite  “No’s!” Two others dabble.

All I can see is this is a chance to show off your photographs and look at other people’s. Have I got this right? I’m an author, and I see an increasing number of authors using Instagram to promote their work—but I can’t see how that works.

That brings us to the next two questions:Instagram_2

Instagram: How do you use it? 

A. To share my posts
B. To encourage people to visit a link
C. It’s fun!

D. It doesn’t take much time
E. It works well in conjunction with other Social Media
F. For connecting with family.

I received one response to A, B, C and D. One person commented that although it’s easy to share on multiple Social Media when posting a photo, it is not so easy to share another person’s post.

Moving on .Instagram_4 . . I asked

Instagram: If You Don’t Use It, Why Not?

A. I know nothing about it and don’t have time to learn.
B. It’s just one more social media challenge. I don’t have time for it.
C. I don’t have a good enough cellphone.

Two responses – both said B. Seeing that’s closest to how I feel, this doesn’t encourage me to go for it.

And on to the final question:


Instagram: What, For You, Is the Best or Worst Thing about Instagram?

No initial response. Then I received a comment from Wendy Marshall, a cyber friend, writer and editor: “Here’s something I just learned: you cannot post from a computer. I’m not sure if you can post from an Android device.”

That could definitely be a deal breaker for me. I have an Android smartphone, an Android tablet, and do most of my work, especially with pictures, on my desktop computer as I have two monitors.

The next day, Wendy posted again: “I did some more research and there is an app for android phones. As well there are bridging apps for computers.” This link takes you to the site of David Coleman, a photographer.

He offers three apps which work well to bridge your photos on your cellphone (mobile) with your computer. Here they are with a short excerpt from the site:


“The simplest of these two is Uplet. It’s available in the Mac App Store and is only available for Mac.

“I’ve found it to be lightweight, easy to use, and to work as advertised. It doesn’t have any filters or advanced editing features, but that simplicity is a big part of its appeal.”


Grambler takes a quite different approach. It’s more complicated, but it also offers a lot more features. There are versions for Mac and Windows.

“There are two parts to it, an app that you install on your computer and a web service. They work together in getting your photos from your desktop to posting on Instagram.”


“This is a desktop app for interacting with Instagram. There are versions for PC and Mac.

The reason I say “interacting” is that there are two versions that allow different things, although that’s not as clear as it could be.”

Thank you David Coleman! And thank you Wendy Marshall!

Now it’s over to you.

Please add one or more comments below about your experience of Instagram. How do you use it? Or if you don’t, why not? I think I’ve reached my personal verdict, but the jury is still out. Convince me—or confirm I’m right. Thank you!

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26 comments on “Instagram and What I Learned This Week

  1. Somehow I missed a couple of your survey questions. I have been using Instagram some, but when I travel, I don’t usually have internet, so that leaves me not posting anything. And another thing I found interesting is instead of finding a whole new line of followers, I’m finding it’s all my FB friends primarily. So I’m up in the air really. I don’t have the time deal with it–or even think about it–most days, so when I have a good photo, I’ll probably put it up, but other than that, I’m not going to stress over it.

    • Thank you Lisa. I’m still vacillating between yes and no! I don’t want one more thing to stress about. But I list admit it’s been a fun exercise with plenty response especially on my blog page.

  2. Shirl, their are two authors on Instagram that use it well that you can have a look at. One is toscalee and the other nadinebrandes. They throw in a lovely mixture of peeks into their lives as well as promo stuff.

    You’ve​ probably fallen over this already but their are hashtags you can use to help potential readers find you like #authorsofinstagram

    • Thanks so much for these examples, Di. I have never actually seen Instagram in action. And no, I hadn’t seen the hashtags either. It’s probably time I gave it a bash. But . . . tomorrow. 🙂 When I catch up on stuff. (When? Or if?) Thanks a ton.

  3. I do use Instagram and lately, it has been good. For me the problem is I lose interest. Usually, I will post my branded images for my posts and branded quotes because at 50 I’m not the selfie queen anymore. I also comment a lot on there when I have time to explore. I have heard others say they get a lot of traffic from it but that really hasn’t been my experience.

    • Thanks for the visit, Heidi. I have to admit I get distracted easily. I have too many “things” out there that I have to keep track of and there are only so many hours in the day. Cliche I know, but true nevertheless.

  4. Hi Shirley,

    I use Instagram but not often. I tried using it as a marketing tool for my business and failed miserably. It gave little to no traffic to my blog. So for now, I may post pics of my furkids or quotes but that’s about the extent. There are just too many others that I get benefits from.

    Great read!


    • Thanks so much, Bren. Thank you too for your input on Comment Luv. I have just installed Comment Reply Email Notification after reading the article you (I think) recommended, so you’re actually the first person to hopefully receive an email saying I’ve replied to your post. 🙂 Please let me know if you get it!

        • Oh that’s fabulous. (Not that it ended up in the Spam folder, but that you got it.) That was quick. This is definitely better than nothing as whenever I reply I wonder if anyone will ever know I have done. Useful plugin. Pity it doesn’t show you the email’s gone though! Thanks so much for your help.

  5. I don’t use Instagram, which may be surprising as I love taking pictures and that is one of the main reasons why I love blogging – because of being able to take pictures for blog posts and share them with the world. I do know (yes, off topic) a woman in her 80’s who uses Instagram to share photos (and vice versa) with her numerous grandchildren, some of whom are all over the U.S. and some others in Malaysia. I’ve just never felt the need for still another social media forum.

    • Thanks Alana. That has been my issue too. The need to learn the package and then the stress of keeping it up. I too love taking photos and use them in my blogging, but I’m not obliged to take them or share them if I don’t want to.

  6. I’ve recently started concentrating on Instagram Shirley mainly to improve my photography and presentation skills. I sometimes put an image relevant to a latest post and direct people to my website. The downside was that you couldn’t upload from PC although you may have answered that for me. The other downside is that you can’t actually use a link back to your website or anywhere really. They need to go through your bio. I do enjoy looking at other photos of people I follow though. My daughter;s dog has over 2,000 followers check her out @wallisthepooch that is way more than me LOL:) thanks for the tips. I’m pinning.

    • Thanks for giving a couple of downsides which helps me to balance the pros and the cons, Sue. By the way, I have NO idea why Comment Luv is not working. You should have got a promo of your last link. It’s so funny that your dog is doing so well on Social Media! I’m glad this has been of help to you. Thanks for pinning!

    • Yes, Val. I must admit that the comments have swayed me more towards it. I totally agree I need more time in the day. Or more days in the week. Either would work! Thanks for visiting.

    • Ruth, I’m dropping you another reply to your comment as I’m testing out a new plugin, “Comment Reply Email Notification”. You should receive notification via email that I’ve replied to your comment. Please confirm if you get it. Many thanks.

  7. I love Instagram! It’s fun and easy. You can make it be whatever you want. Maybe it’s to just share pictures with friends and family, or if you want to tell a story of you and your brand, or to show a special interest that you have and want to share with others. Try it!

  8. As an Android phone user, I can definitely say that you can post from an Android phone. I also post things that I create on my laptop, but first I share them to Dropbox, which I can access from within Instagram in order to share. I was just using it to have fun and show a different side of myself, but I recently started sharing my creativity prompts through Instagram

    • Jennifer, Instagram is sounding more and more interesting. You are the first one to mention Dropbox! I use Dropbox with my desktop pc, my laptop, my tablet and my smartphone! Woohoo! Thanks so much.

  9. Instagram is great for connecting with friends….and friends who become readers…it’s also a quick way to inform your followers about a new post and getting them to click the link directly from your bio….I like instagram

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