How to Sit at the Computer

There are right ways and wrong ways to sit at your computer. Sitting for long hours in the wrong position can severely affect your health in the future. Today we look at some guidelines to a healthy position when sitting at the keyboard.

Sitting at laptopGet yourself a good seat. If possible, an ergonomic chair. Now adjust it to the correct height and distance from the keyboard:

  • Your forearms are at 90 degrees from your body.
  • Your hands drop comfortably onto the keyboard without the wrist hanging down.
  • Your feet are flat on the floor. Use a footrest if necessary. (A thick book works well.)

Position your keyboard carefully.

  • You can reach it as described above. You shouldn’t need to stretch, hunch forward, or lean back.
  • Your mouse will be on the right side of the keyboard if you’re right-handed, and on the left side if you’re left-handed. You shouldn’t need to stretch for it.

Place your monitor at the right height.

  • Imagine a line about 2″ from the top of your screen. The ideal height for your monitor is to have your eyes level with this.
  • Lower or heighten your monitor or chair if necessary.
  • If you have a 20″ monitor, make the imaginary line 3″ below the top of the screen.
  • If you wear bifocals or multifocals, you may need to position it a little lower so that you can look comfortably through your lower lenses.

Now sit properly.

  • Sit straight, facing your keyboard. No slouching.
  • Hold your back straight, supported against the backrest.
  • Relax your body. If you’re aware of any tension, stop and figure out what’s wrong.

Finally, don’t sit still.

  • Fidget, stand up, stretch
  • Exercise while sitting
  • Take regular breaks
  • Read the other posts in this thread for other suggestions.

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