How Can I Improve? by Many Writers

I asked a team of authors for a tip on how we can best improve as writers. Here’s what they said:

Make a set of strategic goals for your career and create a
strategic plan to get there.
Randy Ingermanson Publisher, Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine

Attend a writer’s conference. I went to one two months ago as a speaker but also an attendee. The protracted focus on honing my craft was invaluable.
Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson.
I would rather be disliked for who I am then to be admired for who I’m not. (Writers that try to write like “real writers” instead of claiming their own voice):
Cec Murphey (Author, Speaker)
Find a writing buddy to critique your work and do the same for them; you’ll improve by doing both.
Cindy Dobroskay
Figure out what POV is and use it.
Mary Connealy 
Read your work aloud.
Laurie Alice Eakes 
Get into a critique group. ACRW’s on-line crit group has really helped me.
Mary Connealy 
If you write or wish to write fiction, plan now to sign up for NaNoWriMo for next November. Even if you don’t reach the target, you will learn so much.
Shirley M. Corder 
Read your work aloud to catch problems and missing words that are otherwise easy to overlook.
Nancy Arant Williams 
When I get an idea, I let it stay inside my head until the material seeps or explodes. Then I write.
Cec Murphey  Author – Speaker
Build a resume. Get smaller things published in smaller venues. That will get your query letter a closer look.
Mary Connealy 
If you can’t think of anything new to write, spend your writing time sending out submissions of what you already have.
Paula Hrbacek
Look for magazines or markets that take anecdotes. Learn to write short-short excerpts. You may even get paid for your effort.
Shirley M. Corder
Enter contests. The money is worth it for the critiques you’ll get.
Mary Connealy 

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