Hezekiah’s Prayer

I recently saw a post on Facebook that said, HELP! Has anyone seen the first month of 2014? I seem to have lost it!

I am currently writing a series of devotions for Scripture Union, for their Daily Bread publication. I am enjoying the opportunity to get better acquainted with some of the kings of ancient Israel.

It was refreshing to read of the godly King Hezekiah who did so much to turn the nation of Judah back to God. However, the king became critically ill and was told by the prophet Isaiah that he was about to die. His reaction was to turn his face to the wall and pray to the Lord. God heard his prayer and granted him an additional 15 years of life. You can read this exciting story in 2 Kings 20 in your Bible or online here.

16 years ago, I received a diagnosis of cancer. My surgeon didn’t expect me to live as long as a year. God gave me an additional 15 years and I’m still doing well. Praise the Lord.

During those 15 years I have become a published author with many articles and stories in print and online, as well as my book of 90 devotions for those in the cancer valley, Strength Renewed. It has been a fruitful time, although I know I could have done more if I’d been better organised.

Unfortunately, Hezekiah did very little with his fifteen years. The one big thing he did do was very stupid. But you can read that for yourself.

Just over a month ago, we were all given 365 new days with the arrival of the year, 2014. Of course, we do not know if we will all get to spend all those days on earth, but is it the number of days that count? Or is it what we do with them that matter? At the time of writing, we’ve already used up 41 of them. Have you used them wisely? Do you wish you could have them back? I seem to have lost many of those days. Where have they gone? I think I would like to start over. But of course, that’s impossible.

Guess the question now is, What will we do with the next 324?

What is the one thing you wish to achieve during this year? Share it with us?