God’s Medicine Box

This entry is part 3 of the series Juicing 101

(Originally published August 2010. Updated 23 May, 2017)

As a student nurse, I developed an aversion to the subject of nutrition. It all seemed so unnecessary. I knew we needed to eat a balanced diet of proteins, vegetables, fruit and dairy. So what more was there to know?

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I determined to do everything possible to fight this disease. I read any book I could find that would suggest ways to improve my chances of recovery. Yet whenever I came to a chapter telling me what I should or shouldn’t eat, I skimmed past it, and continued to read the “important parts” of the book. Then I came to the end of my chemotherapy.

Suddenly I felt panic.

I wasn’t doing anything to fight cancer!

My fight against the disease had come to a halt. What could I do that didn’t involve doctors, to restore my body to good health and help it to fight against a possible recurrence? I decided to visit a nutritionist, mainly to see if she had anything to teach me.

Oh my, did she have things to teach me? Among my many lessons, she introduced me to God’s Medicine Box!

I discovered the healthy menu I ate and served to my family every day was well short of vegetables and fruit. Especially fruit. Here I lived in the Fruit Kingdom of South Africa, yet if I ate one piece of fruit a day it was a lot.

Following my visit to the nutritionist, I went straight to the shops and bought myself a juicer. Over the weeks that followed, my energy levels started to return. My passion for life was re-fired. My health was restored.

Many years later

That was in 1998. My husband and I still have a glass of freshly juiced vegetables and fruit every morning before breakfast.

However, I’m a slow learner. For several years, I stuck to the five fruits and vegetables the nutritionist listed for me. I didn’t venture outside that list until a few years ago, when I started to experiment with new combinations. There was such a vast array of different chemicals and nutrients God had provided for me that I had overlooked until then. He has provided each of us a wealth of nutritional goodies, and they’re available through natural foods every day.

I first published this series some years ago, but I thought it would be good for us all (me included) if we take another look at some of these. I will update if I find new facts, and I plan to republish one of these posts every Tuesday. Next week we’ll take a look at the strange looking root we know as ginger.

What is Ginger?

Until recently, I thought ginger was something you bought ground in a spice bottle. You bought ginger-nut biscuits, ginger bread and ginger chocolate. I had much to learn.

Want to know more? Make sure you don’t miss next week’s post!


8 comments on “God’s Medicine Box

  1. Iam a vegetarian and so eat all types of vegetables but i know I have to improve my intake of fruits. Your post is a good reminder Shirley. Looking forward to your next posts.

  2. You are right..Absolutely fruits are god’s medicine box and i’m so looking forward to read your next week post..

  3. Such a good reminder, Shirley. I live in Texas, the Southern part of the US where we get a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables year round. I’m going to start thinking of those as God’s medicine box because they surely are!

    • Thanks for the visit, Cathy. Oh yes, we love to spend money on tonics and pick-me-ups, yet so often turn a blind eye to the medicine box that is right there on the fruit and veggie section!

  4. Hi Shirley – we all think we eat enough fruit and vegies, but I guess we often fall short. I find it really easy in Summer when there’s stone fruit and berries and grapes etc but in winter only apples and pears seem to be on offer and they get a bit boring. Probably doing more interesting things with them would help 🙂

    • I grew up in sunny Rhodesia with its abundance of fruit, yet my mother, who was from Scotland, didn’t encourage me to eat fruit. We hardly ever had it in the house. So I’d been living in South Africa for years before I started to pay attention to these amazing fruits other people ate! I plan to provide a number of healthy drinks and recipes over the next weeks.

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