Desert Road

Originally published in December, 2007.  Updated 3 May 2017

Into the desert

On our holiday away from home, we had to travel through an area of arid desert. We turned off the tarmac onto a gravel dirt road. It looked long and straight and as if it was without end.
The sun baked down on the parched earth, and we were grateful for our air conditioner that ran at maximum speed.
“Even the birds keep away,” I remarked to my husband.
“Yes, apart from the occasional vulture, and I should think they find plenty animal corpses out here to feast upon.”
No clouds offered the promise of rain. All we could rely on was the knowledge that if there was a way in, there must also be a way out.

A lesson for life

This also applies to life, doesn’t it?
No matter how difficult or barren our lives may be at times, there is always a way out of the predicament. Every bleak situation will eventually offer us an ending.
God promises He will always supply an escape route.

Hosea 2:14-15 (CEV)

I, the LORD, will lure you into the desert and speak gently to you. I will return your vineyards, and then Trouble Valley will become Hopeful Valley.

Pray with me?

Lord, help me to learn the lessons of the desert, then show me how to move on.

How do you face times of trial that seem never-ending?

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10 comments on “Desert Road

  1. Where is this Shirley? Though arid, the picture looks good. I like the thought process where there is a way in, there should be a way out. Good to know you.

    • The road is, I think, in Namibia, although there are many roads like this in the Karoo desert in South Africa. The photo is not my own. I downloaded it from

  2. The outback of Australia is like this Shirley and you are right that life sometimes seems like one never ending desert road. However, there is always hope and the lush green valleys are there at the end. Thanks for a thoughtful post. Have a beautiful day. xx

  3. Shirley, we all have these seasons in our lives and this is a timely post for me, too. Actually, for my mother in law, a three time cancer survivor who now battles old age, health ailments and major changes in her life. She is a woman of quiet faith.

    • Oh shame. Yes, we get to that season. Wish your mom-in-law all the best from me. Three times is really not funny. Once was bad enough. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi Shirley – a very timely post for me as I deal with the desert I’m walking through atm (as you read in my blog post) I truly hope that God will bring me through and out the other side – without losing loved ones in the process. Hopeful valley sums things up for me right now.

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