Cover Background Survey Results

Inspirational photo taken on my son’s property in Africa

Thank you to all who contributed to this survey.

As those of you who responded know, I am

working on an inspirational book based on stories and images of Africa. At the same time, I discovered I had credits with a photo stock company that I had to use within two days. My Scots blood would not allow these to go to waste, so I had to jump ahead and buy something I would use in the future.Opinion Stage

I tried several software programs to run a survey. None of them suited my requirements until I came to  Opinion Stage. This turned out to be ideal, and it had excellent support.

I created five polls, then joined them into a set and asked you to vote on each poll.

Each poll consisted of a choice of three photographs which could have been used as a cover background for my upcoming book. However, I wasn’t committed to using one of the 15 photos. I wanted to find out, with your help, what TYPE of picture would tempt people to take the book off the shelves and read the back cover.



Each photo focused on one of three categories:

  • Scenic view
  • Animal scene
  • Sunset 

This was an extremely useful exercise, and I will definitely use the idea again. It showed my idea of what you would like and your idea of what you would like were polls apart. (Pun intended!)

Now, I do know there were not that many people participating (77) and hopefully next time I will be able to run one for a longer time. Nevertheless, the results were enough to show a clear trend, which is what I wanted.

Here is a reminder for you of the 5 polls you voted on:

Out of a total of 333 votes, the statistics read as follows:

  • Scenic view, which I anticipated being highest: 17.74% preferred this type of image.
  • Animal scene, which I expected to be a close runner-up, scored 21.12%
  • Sunset came in with a high 61.8%

Out of the entire option of 15 photographs, one came out as a clear leader. The ellie with the sun shining through the trees. What a magnificent photo!

So what inspirational photo did I choose?

As I live in South Africa and have taken a lot of sunset and animal photos myself, and I also have a couple of family members who take wonderful photos, I decided not to spend my credits on this picture, beautiful though it is. I’m sure, with the help of Photoshop, I can create a photo similar to the ellie photo if that’s what I decide to go with. And I can always go back and purchase it if I wish.

So I spent my credits on a photo that I can change in various ways and use, if not for this book, for another. I probably won’t use it exactly as it stands, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a lovely photograph—and it is certainly one I wouldn’t be able to create.

Thanks to 123rf for this photo. Hover over the image to get the attribution.

So thank you to all those of you participated. I was amused by the number of people who commented on the photo at the top, taken on my son’s property in Hoekwil, South Africa.

Over to you:

Whether or not you participated in the survey, won’t you tell me which, out of all the photos on this page, you would like to see on the cover of a devotional book? That includes the one on my son’s property, and the one I finally downloaded. Just describe which one you like best.

Of course, if you like C best, you will add something about the picture so I can identify it, right? Yes, I knew you would.  😆

36 comments on “Cover Background Survey Results

    • Thanks for adding your comment, Leanne. It was a useful survey and I shall try another one, probably when I come to actually compiling the cover. Have a great day/evening.

  1. I like all aspects of nature, it can’t be beaten. I skim over portraits but nature has a sense of power and awe. As much as I like animals (and photographing my cats almost every day!) sunsets have that golden or silver light straight from the sky that moves me like nothing else. Truly divine.

    • Yes, there’s something magical about sunsets. And sunrises of course, as the photo from my son’s property shows, but I have one objection to sunrises. They happen to early in the morning. 🙂

  2. Sorry I couldn’t participate in the survey, Shirley, given how crazy my life has been these last few weeks. What you’ve chosen is beautiful. Good luck with the book. I do hope to read it.

    • Thanks so much for your visit and input, Corinne. I know your life has been crazy and pray things will ease up soon for you. I plan to alter the lighting of the picture I’ve chosen, to make it more like a sunset, but I do love the picture.

  3. Sunset pictures have a charm of their own. I too have seen that a lot of people prefer that… Maybe because of the bright colors and how it makes people feel joy and happiness. I would definitely recommend a sunset picture 😀

    • Thank you for your input, Rajlakshmi. It’s true. A beautiful sunset (or dawn as in the case of the first photo taken on my son’s property) steals your breath away. I don’t think there is anyone who can ignore that sort of sky.

  4. Now that you’ve chosen to spend money on one, I think it’s perfect. But lesson learned (for all of us): people are moved by sunrises and sunsets in a spiritual way. It is hardwired into us, because that is how we were created. I think you made a good choice in (if you use a sunset) using one of yours.

    • Thanks Alana. Yes, it seemed a bit crazy to use one that didn’t appear on the survey, but I can see how to adapt this one I’ve bought to make it appear a little later in the day, with a sunset. It’s been a worthwhile exercise.

  5. I loved the one you chose .That’s perfect for an inspirational post.Others are beautiful. But this one is stunning.It’s God’s light shining !

    • Thank you, Amrita. It is lovely, hey? I will probably change it a bit, perhaps make the sky more sunsetish (is that a word?) in line with my findings of the survey, but I just felt drawn towards the image as a whole.

  6. Shirl, to be perfectly honest the photo you took is by far the best and most appealing. None of the others floated my boat.

    • Thanks so much, Susan. It’ll be a while as I’m busy with Miriam Part II at the moment, but I need to get those stock photos before my credits expire!

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