Even Elephants Communicate

elephants communicate with one another

Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.
(Proverbs 12:25 NIV).

Animals communicate with one another.

From the gigantic elephant to the tiny ant, they “speak” to one another.

Humans too communicate with one another. Our words can lift up and encourage. When spoken at the right time they have great value.

When the wrong words are spoken, or even the right words at the wrong time or attitude, it would be better if they weren’t spoken at all.

Let us ask God to make our hearts and words available to Him, and that we may be sensitive to speak at the right time.

Sometimes it is said, “Christians are the only army that stab each other in the back.”

This ought never to be true. Let us concentrate this week on building one another up and encouraging those with whom we have contact.

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10 comments on “Even Elephants Communicate

    • You’re so right. We have a Jack Russell who tells us exactly what we should be doing! (Usually involving either food or a walk!)

  1. Thanks for the visit, Sue. Oh yes, it’s so easy to vent on our poor husbands, isn’t it? We know they can’t escape! Better still, we know we’re safe with them. You have a great weekend too.

  2. I have trouble sometimes Shirley keeping quiet. Whilst I don’t like confrontation, I also tend to vent to my poor husband about family matters which have made me angry. It is difficult not to lash out but rather hold our tongue. Thank you for the reminder it is very timely. Have a beautiful week.

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