Chicken Soup for the Soul

Motivational speakers, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen believed in the power of positive stories. They put together an anthology of stories which they entitled, “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. Within a month of submitting the first manuscript to publishers they received 33 rejections! Two of them said “anthologies don’t sell” and the book was “too positive.”

After receiving 140 rejections, in 1993, Health Communications decided to give it a chance. This 65-title series has sold to date more than 80 million copies in 37 languages. There have been over 200 titles published so far, and every month there are further “story call-outs”, looking for more contributions to this encouraging and positive series.

So we ask the question? What did those earlier publishers know?

Have you been rejected? 140 times? Well guess what? They didn’t stop even then. They kept their belief strong in their project, and kept on sending it back out the door.

Tip of the Week: Once you’re happy your book is as good as you can get it, draw up a list of possible publishers, and keep on sending it out. When it comes back, mark your list accordingly and send it straight back out. Maybe check it over every 10-20 rejections, to see if there are any changes necessary. Why? Because as a writer you will be improving all the time, and maybe–just maybe–there’s something you can do to improve it.