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The Africa Book Safari is a cross-genre initiative initially run by Marion Ueckermann and Shirley Corder. We introduced you to nine authors who either live in Africa or have their roots in this continent. They each showcased one of their books that gives insight into life in Africa, using different genres.

Included in the mix are suspense novels, romance novellas and stories, devotional books, memoirs, and others.


From Friday 25 to Monday 28 we held a Weekend Event on Facebook, with prizes, posts by the authors, Africa pecial deals, and a whole heap of fun.

Although the Safari Weekend is now over, the tour group is continuing. Sign up by hitting the button below. Over 800 people attended the weekend. Don’t miss this unique opportunity of joining this fascinating group.

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Africa Book Safari is a short-term cross-genre promo aimed at developing an awareness of Christian books based in Africa, and written by authors of Africa.

Africa Book Safari Visits the Great Wildebeest Migration

This entry is part 9 of the series Africa Book Safari
Today we're going to take a few minutes to view one the most outstanding miracles that takes place every year in the continent of Africa. Take a look at the Magic of the Wildebeest Migration. Click To Tweet

The Magic of the Migration on Safari 

You’ve seen a little glimpse of what happens during this incredible migration of the wildebeest as they cross a river in the – not thousands – but millions! Here are a few quotes from other people:

“To see ten thousand animals untamed and not branded with the symbols of human commerce is like scaling an unconquered mountain for the first time, or like finding a forest without roads or footpaths, or the blemish of an axe. You know then what you had always been told – that the world once lived and grew without adding machines and newsprint and brick-walled streets and the tyranny of clocks.” – Beryl Markham

“No-one can return from the Serengeti unchanged, for tawny lions will forever prowl our memory and great herds throng our imagination.” – George Schaller

“One cannot resist the lure of Africa.” – Rudyard Kipling

Posted so far on this series:

Chatting with Shirley Corder
Introducing Marion Ueckermann and her Book on the Cape Winelands
Authors on the Africa Book Safari
Lynnette Bonner sits up front on the Africa Book Safari
Lisa Harris – and her Christy-Nominated Thriller

[stextbox id=’alert’ bgcolor=’d66b06′]Which of these books most appeal to you so far? There will be a random draw for God in Africa from the comments of the first week of blog posts, so make sure you enter and add your email address in case you win![/stextbox]



An Eighteen-year-old Novel ~ With a New Slant

Resurrecting an old novel

I am currently re-writing a novel that I first wrote eighteen years ago! At that time, it was my first attempt at a full-length story, and my plot was weak. This, of course, resulted in a story which, although I think it is entertaining in parts, waffles somewhat aimlessly in most places, and arrives at the end with little sense of resolution.

So now I’m rewriting. This time, I am excited about the storyline. It involves a family in ministry (based on the teaching I had at the popular idea – “Write what you know!”). They are nothing like our family, but it was fun developing the characters. I started my rewrite during NaNoWriMo, the annual writing challenge where you tackle a 50,000 word book in a month. You do not have to finish the book–just write 50,000 words. I completed the challenge, but I still have a way to go.

I have just signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo in April. For this virtual camp, you set your own goal, and it can be a new work or an editing task. I aim to complete the novel’s draft during this period. You also get to “share a tent” with your friends or writing companions. How about you? Are you interested in joining me in my tent this April?

Here is the draft plot for the novel:

Marcia, a gifted artist who marries a man who is a student for the ministry, looks forward to being in ministry with him, as long as she can continue to paint. During their first years of marriage, Marcia is a stay-at-home mom of her growing brood. Whenever she has the chance, she dabbles with her pencil, looking forward to the day when the children are old enough, and she can devote herself to her art once more.

Then comes a move that changes everything. The new congregation has a clear role mapped out for their new pastor’s wife—a role she has no desire to fill. The problem is Owen, the minister, has his own ideas. And Marcia doesn’t like them. Not one bit. Eventually, matters came to a head, and Marcia takes off on an unannounced sabbatical, leaving Owen with the children and the congregation to figure out what has gone wrong.

Will Marcia be able to return to her pastor husband? Does their marriage, and the ministry stand a chance? You’ll have to read the novel to find out. (And I need to write it!)

Looking at the novel’s immediate future:

Over the next few weeks, I’m planning to share some insight into the various characters in this light-hearted story with some underlying lessons for us all. The Runaway Minister’s Wife is a temporary title. I’d love your suggestions.

Question for You:

What would be a great title for this novel?

Please leave your suggestion in the comment box. If you come up with the winning title, I will send you a free copy of one of my Out of the Shadow books – your choice. Don’t suggest The Runaway Pastor’s Wife, which I absolutely love, and it’s perfect for the story. Sadly, it’s already taken!

If you don’t have any suggestions, please comment on the story outline. Do you have any questions for me?

Anna Jensen and her Poems from an African Garden

This entry is part 17 of the series In All Things

And what do you know? It’s Friday once more! Here is the last of all the interviews of the authors featured in the boxed set, In All Things, a set of 13 devotional books all based on Africa.

Today, we’re chatting again to Anna Jensen who is actually an ex-pat from her beloved England. Anna wrote two of the books in our In All Things boxed set, and we’ve already interviewed her about the first, Musings from an African Garden. Today, we’re taking a look at her book of poems, Poems from an African Garden

Shirl: Anna, welcome once more!

Anna: Thanks again, Shirley. I’m always happy for a chance to talk about my writing, and I found this boxed set to be a real treat for us all.

Shirl: I was intrigued when you chose to write two books with a linked theme. What motivated you to write a book of poems on the same theme as Musings–that of an African garden?

Anna: For me, poetry reflects the way a garden is, for me, a place of rest and reflection. I feel as if a poem is like a garden bench. It offers a place to sit and pause, a time to reflect, amidst the busyness of daily living. read more

Authors & their Books on the Africa Book Safari

This entry is part 12 of the series Africa Book Safari

So the Africa Book Safari Weekend has come and gone.

Prizes have been won and are mostly on their way to the winners. Specials were appreciated, some are now over, others coming to an end. Most importantly, I hope you had a chance to interact with some of the authors of Africa and perhaps meet some you didn’t know about. I certainly have, and I’m part of the team! I’ve got a couple of new authors that I intend to pursue and read their books.

The thrilling thing is the one bond that ties us all together: A love and common knowledge of our wonderful continent. It’s amazing how you can learn about a country through devotional material, travel insights, memoirs, non-fiction, and novels of different sorts. From romance to suspense to legal stories.

Here are the safari authors interviewed so far via this site:

Shirley Corder writing

Friday 25 – Shirley Corder
 90-day Devotional Book

    Saturday 26 – Marion Ueckermann
Christian Romance

Monday 28 – Lynnette Bonner
Historical Romance

Tuesday 29 – Lisa Harris
Christian thriller

Thursday 31 Greg MacKinnon
Christian Legal Suspense

Friday 1 Nov – Dianne J. Wilson
Christian Suspense Novel

There are still three to go, so don’t stop visiting and commenting! It is so important for all the authors to be encouraged in this way. The fact that these are the last three has nothing to do with their importance. All of us were given a schedule to follow, so each safari author was covered by each of the others. So we were all second somewhere – and last somewhere!

Here are the three remaining safari authors to be featured on my site:

Ashley Winter
Feel-good Christian Novel

Anna Jensen
Travel Devotions

Val Waldeck
Non-fiction Memoir

And then there will be one final round-off post looking back on a unique experience for us all.

So hang in here and please visit again tomorrow.

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Authors on an Africa Book Safari

This entry is part 2 of the series Africa Book Safari
Over a long weekend of three days, we went on an Africa Book Safari. We explored, through books, authors, and posts, some of the nuances and rich diversities of our beloved land. Don't miss these posts! Click To Tweet

On 25th October, the Africa Book Safari kicked off with a bang. And boy! What a bang!

We had a blast! Over the weekend we had 771 attendees, and between us all, we produced a staggering 14,4K posts, comments, and reactions!

Everyone seems to have been extremely happy with the way it went, and there have been some super giveaways. The atmosphere was great with fabulous interaction between Christians from all over the world. The top country represented was (of course! the States) but South Africa came a close second.

Authors Interviews

On Friday, our selected Christian authors all posted their interviews on their own sites for their regular readers to see, and told you a bit about their chosen book, also based in Africa. You got to read mine on Friday, but then the weekend happened! Oh wow, did it happen? It was amazing, but we had NO TIME for looking after our blogs! So I do encourage you to check back on any authors you missed and then keep moving on.

I would encourage you to visit here every day to see where to go next. That way, you will hop from one blog to another – and get to meet all the authors with some days staying here with me.

On this site so far you have just seen my own interview and Marion Ueckermann who happens to be the person who co-hosted this event with me. 

read more

Bites, Bandages, and a Book Launch!

This entry is part 3 of the series God in Africa


With the book launch of God in Africa around the corner, I went to visit my brother in East London (about five hours along the beautiful coastline of South Africa) for a few days to celebrate his 60th birthday.


There is a small step down from the bedroom where we were sleeping to a landing with the bathroom on the left and a short steep staircase on the right. One night, I made my way to the bathroom in the early hours of the morning and, being a considerate kinda gal, I used the light on my cellphone so I wouldn’t disturb my husband.

As I took the step down, the light went out. I stumbled, fell onto the balustrade, and started a headlong bounce down the stairs towards the wall. Praise the Lord, He caught me! I managed to hook the rail with my left arm and took my weight on my right arm (on the carpeted step.)

After an ungainly slither (or something) back up to the landing, I took stock. Nothing broken. Just a flap of skin ripped from my arm in what turned out to be a carpet-burn. Cutting a long story short, and despite prompt if irregular, first aid, that wound duly went septic. Hence the bandage.

BITES 1, 2 & 3

Then came the bites. We had a beautiful day visiting part of The Wild Coast, an area Rob and I had never been to.

Only after we were home in PE, I discovered an itchy bite which when I investigated was actually huge, inflamed, and had a black center. Not nice. It looked like a tick bite, and I had a book launch a week away! I made an appointment to see my doctor the next day. By that time two more had developed.

Again, to make an ugly, long story short, despite huge doses of penicillin all three went septic and nasty and so I had dressings on them all. I’m currently on my second course of penicillin and gradually starting to heal.


Despite satan’s best efforts to thwart it, not to mention all the bandages (mostly hidden from view) the launch of God in Africa went off fabulously. I had a great team of folk helping, and it was really a lovely afternoon. I sold nearly eighty books and I’ve sold one or two every day since.  Here is an overview of how the afternoon worked out.

Book Launch of God in Africa


Click here to see the program for the afternoon, and you should be able to work out what was what and who was who.

All in all a super time, and a successful book launch – despite all the bandages and bites!

Read more about God in Africa here. Both paperback and ebook are available on Amazon and I have paperbacks to sell for those in Africa.

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Right now, the ebook is on special – only $0.99 in the US (check your own currency) but the price goes up early next week. So don’t delay!

[/stextbox]  Get your copy here.


Much more in the next post, but this is a heads-up. During the days from October 25-28 a group of eleven authors living in, or connected to, Africa will be going on an Africa Book Safari. Want to learn more? Watch the video and come along with us. We already have over 300 people signed up to join us. Lots of giveaways, special offers, a vast selection of genres.

I’m telling you—it is going to be so exciting!

What excites you most about Africa? Or about this book?

Please share in the comments below.



Books and More Books to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Question of the Week on Welcome to My World blog challenge is:

What book (paperback or ebook) would you recommend to your readers this week?

In view of Mother’s Day being just around the corner, it seems obvious that my answer needs to be something for Mom. And I have some really lovely books to suggest. Some written by me. Others written by friends. Many … written by awesome authors.

So in answer to the question, I’m going to suggest a new boxed set I’ve compiled especially for mothers.

To Mother with Love is a selection of three devotional books especially for that person you call Mom. (Or if that’s you, then treat yourself!) read more

Captivated Gifts – a platform for Christian authors and craftspeople

Captivated Gifts

is a brainchild of Anna Jensen. She created this group a matter of weeks ago and it is exciting to see it developing. Do read on and learn what it’s about, and pay the site a visit. It is particularly relevant for South Africans because of shipping and financial issues.

Description of the venture from Anna:

Captivated Gifts is a platform for Christian authors in South Africa to showcase their books. Many hours are spent by these authors as they faithfully use their talents to put words onto pages, and yet getting the results of those hours into the hands of readers isn’t always so easy. It’s time to change that.

​Other artists and craftspeople can find themselves in a similar situation, with beautifully created pieces unable to reach those who will be delighted by them.

Captivated Gifts is a carefully curated selection of Christian books and other gifts, all lovingly made here in South Africa. Learn about the authors and artists as you browse our unique collection. And come back often, as what’s on offer will change!

​”Just as I am ‘Captivated by the Creator’, so I am captivated by the abundance of creative talent he has given!”