Making Twitter Friends



Now that you have your Twitter account created, it’s time to find some followers.

I don’t like the name followers, so let’s call them friends. But remember, Twitter calls them followers. It’s not a weird cultish thing.

“Followers” is just Twitter’s name for “friends” in FaceBook, and “contacts” in your email programme.

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Managing Twitter with TweetDeck

There are two main contenders for applications that help you manage all your social accounts, likeTwitter, FaceBook, Linked In, etc. Tweetdeck is one of them, and another is HootSuite.You can also manage many streams such as newsfeeds, Twitter lists, replies, retweets, direct messages (DMs) and you can follow hashtags, which allow you to search for keywords. Today we’re looking at TweetDeck. Next post we’ll look at HootSuite. read more

TweetDeck or HootSuite?

Although TweetDeck and HootSuite are still known as means to handle Twitter, these applications actually do much more. You can manage your FaceBook, your LinkedIn, more than one Twitter account etc all at one time. They are both super applications, and I find it hard to choose between them. read more