Writing Blogs and Websites Worth Checking Out.

Christian Writers – FaithWriters.com, the Ultimate Community for Christian Writers.

Write Life Workshops is a website run by Tracy Crump and Marylane Wade Koch, authors of numerous Chicken Soup stories. Sign up for their helpful newsletter which, in addition to articles by leading writers, also often contains call-outs to anthologies looking for stories. Carry on reading for many more useful sites.

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A Clean View

The other day I looked across the room at my computer and was startled to notice how grubby the screen had become. Specks of dust, a couple of fingerprints left by a visitor, a smear of something from somewhere . . . It was time to give it a clean. Yet did you know that how you clean screen depends on the type of monitor you have? read more

Biblical sites for the Christian Writer

E-sword: Download free Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries and more. e-Sword Home

The Blue Letter Bible contains a vast assortment of maps, charts and images as well as other Bible study tools and search capabilities.

Investigate one verse in depth, read verse-by-verse commentaries, or search by topics. Great place to find a verse or topic-specific quote to enhance your manuscript.

Greek Word Studies offers the original meaning of Biblical words in the Greek and many helpful resources.

Eastons Bible Dictionary offers an online search for Scripture verses, maps, a thesaurus, dictionary and includes free downloadable images.

Bible Gateway is a tool for reading and researching Scripture online. It provides a selection of different translations and versions as well as widgets for use on your website.

How to Edit by Many Writers

Here are some helpful hints gathered from a number of well-known authors.

Embrace criticism. Especially at the beginning. You can learn the hard way or you can learn the easy way. The easy way is to go to school on other people’s experience.
Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson

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Ideas and Prompts

Huge list of sparks, prompts, challenges and ideas

52 projects to jump start your writing.

For the days when your journal needs a nudge.

Star Downloader: Install this application to help with those big downloads.

Straight Talk from the Editor: Free e-book from W. Terry Whalin.

yWriter: Free word processor especially for novel writing. yWriter can be used on non-fiction books or shorter articles as well.

Freemind: Free mind mapping software to plan your novel.

Groups for Writers

Christian Writers of South Africa (CWOSA for short): Join this list if you are a Christian writer who was born in, or currently reside in, South Africa.

CWGI (Christian Writers’ Group): An international discussion list for writers at all stages of their writing career.

FCW (Fellowship of Christian Writers):  A free loop with good resources and helpful discussions.

The Christian Writers’ View: For advanced and professional Christian writers.  Input from a panel of well-known authors. Questions from members may be put forward for discussion.

TWV2 (The Christian Writer’s’View 2): For writers in their earlier stages. Sister group to The Writers’ View, also run by a strong panel of recognised authors.