Does God Like Fun Crafts?

The first Saturday of every month, my husband and I run a meeting for the 50+s in our area. The programme includes entertainment, inspiration, a talent table (where members can sell their handmade articles), eats, and a demonstration of a craft suitable for men and ladies. The demonstration is usually done by a visitor although sometimes by one of our members.

While deciding on the craft for the November meeting, for reasons quite beyond my understanding I decided to show them how to make Christmas tree decorations using polystyrene balls. I have done these successfully in the past, and they’re both quick and fun to make (usually) as well as looking lovely on the Christmas tree.

After a few evenings, my enthusiasm began to wane.

Between not finding the tiny-sized balls that I wanted, and getting glue and glitter all over my hands, hair, the table, and the dog’s mouth (she was on medication), I decided to think of a different demonstration and find someone else to do it. After all, what was significant about decorated polystyrene balls?

The next morning, I asked the Lord for inspiration. One hour later, I had a phone call from a lady I’d never heard of. She’d come across a note in her diary to phone my husband back following a call from him in January. The conversation went something like this:

Anna (not real name): “Your husband phoned me at the beginning of the year, and asked if I would do a demonstration at your meeting in November.”

Me: “He did?” Frantic looks and mouthing of words to husband who shakes his head vigorously. He has no recollection of this conversation. Yet she remembered his name. I continued, trying to give the impression I was sensible, organised, and totally in control of the conversation. “That will be wonderful. What sort of crafts do you demonstrate?”

Anna: “Oh I do all sorts of things.” She mentioned two possibilities and then . . . “I decorate polystyrene balls .. .” Light-bulb moment!

Is that amazing, or what? Now why would God want us to learn how to decorate polystyrene balls?

Is he perhaps preparing us for a new polystyrene-ball-based ministry (PBBs)?

Does he have lots of trees up in Heaven that need experienced polystyrene-ball decorators (PPDs)?

Or does He just love His children so much that He enjoys bringing a smile to our faces?

I think the latter. Isn’t it amazing to think of the Almighty God, creator of the universe, showing an interest in our learning a new craft? Or the topic of a new article? Or who to send our manuscripts to?

What teeny-weeny issue is there in your life today over which the Lord just might be interested in hearing from you? Share it below.

And if any of you reading this are Prime-Timers and live close to Summerstrand, don’t forget The date: November 2nd. Time: 9:30 AM. Venue: St. James Church. Important lesson: How to decorate polystyrene balls.

I have no idea why, but I have a feeling the Lord wants you there!