Away with the Linear!

Are you wanting to come up with some new ideas? The traditional method is the linear process of making a list, where you write down ideas one after the other. This relies on the left brain, which emphasises logic and order. These can prevent the flow of way-out ideas. So Use a Mind-Map. read more

The Power of Words

The Bible says, I can do everything through him who gives me strength. (Php 4:13)

This is an excellent reminder when you face the need to be creative. You can do this! Phrases to banish from your vocabulary when you are aiming at creativity are: read more

Wanted: One Writing Buddy

When I first started writing on a regular basis, I linked with a writing buddy who also wanted to be more disciplined with her writing. Only thing was, she was in England, and I live in South Africa. Yet it worked, and it worked well. read more

One Step at a Time . . .

I wonder if you have ever read a book where all of a sudden it’s as if the writer remembers, “Oh, this is a Christian book. I need to include a Gospel message.” They proceed to give you, the reader, the entire message of salvation in one speech. read more

Look at Life through your Character’s Eyes

According to some articles I’ve read, all animals shed their skin, some faster than others. We humans evidently shed 1,5 million skin cells an hour, giving us a new skin surface about once every 28 days. Snakes, tarantulas, stick insects and some lizards are in more of a hurry. They climb out the old skin and walk / slither away, leaving the skin intact. That would be such a great gift for us as writers. read more