Does God Speak Today? Part III

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8. God speaks to us today through His Spirit.

When we make a commitment of our lives to Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit comes to live in us (John 14:17). The Spirit speaks into our hearts in many ways. Sometimes it may be like a “still, small voice”, other times He nudges us through our conscience.

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Do writers need an agent? by Peggy Tibbetts

Writers generally accept the fact that to get a contract with a major publisher we need agent representation. Combining common sense and humor, E. Hanes summed it up the best: “The question is something akin to: Does a human being need a doctor? The answer, of course, can be ‘no,’ but it begs the question: why would you want to doctor yourself?  read more

Do You Have a Tagline?

Nearly two years ago, I attended a continuing workshop at the Florida Christian Writers Conference. The workshop leader was Laura Christianson of the Blogging Bistro. She led us through a series of exercises in an attempt to establish a “tagline” for our writing. read more

Starting Out as a Writer by Guest Blogger: Terri Forehand

GUEST POST: It doesn’t matter what kind of writing you do or what niche you feel is your best, writing takes effort. Writing takes practice, discipline, and some days just plain hard work. The pay off is not always in money either. The pay off is when a reader contacts you about something you wrote that touched their heart in a way to make a difference in their life. read more

International Critique Partners

Nearly seven years ago, I stumbled across what was going to be one of the greatest helps to my writing for international markets. In a search for a non-fiction critique group that I could link up with, I put a request onto an online writers group, now known as CWGI. “I’m looking for a non-fiction critique group. If you have room for me, please contact me.” read more

Online Communication

This morning I was summoned to my computer by a persistent ring. I smiled with delight as I read the small notice on my monitor. My daughter was online. She lives on the other side of the world, and we only get together physically every couple of years. I live in South Africa, but her computer and my computer were now linked. I only had to respond. For the next half hour, we chatted together, laughed at each other’s comments, and enjoyed each other’s company despite the many miles that separate us. Time flew past all too quickly. read more

To the Whole World

Today I commenced leading a series of workshops on my online group for S.A.Christian writers, entitled “Writing Devotions”. When I was preparing the material, it struck me what an amazing privilege it is to write devotions for small magazines that travel all over the world. read more