Ten Ways to Make Your Blog Unique

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Do you want your site to stand out in the noise of the Internet?

Do you want a unique blog or website?

So what is your goal?

Are you hoping to make it the best in your niche? Then I need to disillusion you.


You will never be the best. According to the stats at the time, in 2013  there were an estimated 152,000,000 blogs on the Internet. Yep, 152 million! And that was years ago. There are doubtless many many more today. And guess what. Many of them will be in your niche!

I’m sure you’re good, but that good?

So if it can’t be the best, what should your goal be?

To be different. To be the only one of a kind. To make your blog unique!

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How do you make a blog unique? Here are 10 suggestions

Incorporate as many of these as you can, and you will have a one-of-a-kind blog. You will have a blog or website unlike any other, that people will want to return to.

1) Figure out your USP

  • what writers call their “Unique selling proposition.”
  • In other words, what unique approach or fact do you have that no other blog in your niche has?

2) Use your own voice

  • Don’t try and copy other bloggers. You are unique! So strive to make your blog unique too.
  • Find your own approach and then stick with it.
  • Let your personality shine through. Try writing like you talk. Use your natural conversational tone.

3) If relevant, post pictures

  • of yourself and others with whom you mix (with their permission of course).
  • If you’re doing a family-only blog, keep mining the extended family for photos and stories. Don’t let it only be about your inner circle.
  • If you’re a writer or an entrepreneur, avoid personal information, but try to show your reader that you are a person and that you have interests like they do.

4) Focus on your topic

  • Write down the reason why you’re doing this blog, figure out your unique approach, and then keep to the subject.
  • If you’re running a series of posts on a topic, the same applies.

5) Create your own unique approach

  • by combining problems, ideas, and unrelated subjects. These will set your blog apart from others in the same niche.
  • For example, this website is not just about writing. Its goal is to inspire and encourage writers and those that enjoy words.
  • My other website, Rise and Soar, is for those doing battle with cancer, either as patients or as loved ones. But it’s not a medical blog, which is the usual cancer approach. Its goal is to inspire and encourage those in the cancer valley.

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6) Create unique content.

  • For family bloggers, that’s easy. See the previous suggestion.
  • I started off writing a series on how to build a better blog.
    • Many of the ideas I came across during research were new to me.  I applied them as I wrote the posts, and in some cases I made a note to try them when I had more time.
    • Rather than take the blog process step by step, I linked up with the A to Z Blogging Challenge (2017), and worked through the alphabet.
    • I chose only one word that applies to blogging for each letter, and then tried to cover it from different angles. If there was a point which I considered important, I included it under one of the letters.
  • So choose your topic, then approach it from an unusual angle.

7) Look for unique color combinations.

  • If you come across another blog in your niche with similar colors, consider making some changes.
  • You don’t want to have a copy-cat site.

8) Create your own illustrations.

  • Use your own photos or drawings. Create illustrations using available graphics (see top of page).
  • If you look on the web for images, search for ones you are allowed to alter, and then modify them using a graphics program.
  • Interesting Images has some suggestions for this, and Go to Google will tell you how to find suitable pictures you can modify.

9) Allow comments.

  • Your visitor mix will not be the same as any other site, and the comments they leave will not be the same. These alone go a long way in making your blog unique.
  • You can set your site to only allow comments on the newest posts. That’s fine as long as you remember. It does mean if visitors read an old post, they won’t be able to make a comment.
  • There is a better way of handling this that will help you. Read more here: Safeguard your Comments.

10) Add personal anecdotes.

  • As soon as you add a personal story, you make your post unique.
  • Repeat something funny one of the kids said.
  • Poke fun at yourself. It all adds up to an entertaining blog.

Over to you:

What other ideas do you have that will make your blog unique?

Please share them with us in a comment below and inspire us too.

Leave a link so I can visit your blog in return.


19 comments on “Ten Ways to Make Your Blog Unique

  1. These are all great tips, Shirley. Especially the personal anecdotes one. It helps the reader t connect better and relate to the content.

  2. Those were some really great tips, Shirley! Thank you so much!
    I write about feelings and emotions we all go through during our journey in life. The things I experience, what I learnt from it and what people think about it, or how they would react in a similar situation. This is what I generally write about. Yet, I feel I need to work on my blog, and find a niche (if the present one isn’t as impressive) that will work in my favour.
    I hope I come to some conclusion soon! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Shilpa. You may well have a unique idea here as no-one else has your thoughts, feelings and reactions to situations. I hope you figure it out soon. I know the indecision of whether you’re on track or not. It’s frustrating!

  3. Great suggestions. I find that varying what I’m talking about, though it’s mostly writing, seems to bring in different people. There are occasional pet posts, crafts, or gardening to break up the writing bits.

    I enjoyed your informative A to Z posts too.

  4. I just blog who and what I am. Right now it’s for my own personal enjoyment, and I’m thrilled when people come along for the ride. I love taking my own photos. Am I unique? I doubt it except in the sense of there only being one “me”. I certainly don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers. You made one suggestion I will implement right away – poking fun at myself. There’s a lot to poke at!

    • Hi Alana, Ah, but a blog with photos HAS to be unique. You’re unique. So your photos will not be found elsewhere. Well done! I love that you are prepared to poke fun at yourself. Many people can’t do that. And yet really? We can be so funny sometimes, can’t we?

  5. Hi Shirley,

    Great tips and thank you for sharing them with the blogging world. I love to read what people think about making your blog work. Creativity and Uniqueness are key in my opinion. I’m glad you pointed that out.


  6. You’re so right about the need to be unique Shirley – it may not translate to thousands of post views, but if you are being your authentic self then the people who visit will engage with you and your blog grows organically. I love my little niche and I hope I’m being unique in how I write and present my posts each week.

  7. Hi Shirley – I don’t seem to conform, but thankfully write posts people seem to enjoy -that’s the main thing … as long as people come and comment, I cannot complain. I have however noted your postings and ideas during the A-Z challenge … all helpful ideas. I have some ideas for the future ..

    A great A-Z series you gave us – cheers Hilary

    • Thanks so much, Hilary. I think youve hit the nail on the head. If you enjoy your blog and your visitors keep returning and leave comments, what more do you want? Thanks for the visit.

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