Build a Better Blog – Introduction to Series

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How popular are blogs?

Did you know there are more than 152,000,000 blogs on the Internet? (That is according to statistics in 2013!)

And somewhere a new blog is born every 30 seconds?

Blogging is clearly worthwhile!


This is the introduction to a series in which I will share how you can build a better blog, one that people will reach those for whom it’s written, and one that you will enjoy creating.

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  • If you are a writer, there are many reasons why you should be blogging, and we’ll cover those in the next few weeks.
  • If you’re not a writer, what better way to keep in touch with your friends and family?

The term, BLOG, is a contracted word from WEB LOG. That’s all it is. A log, diary, journal, whatever you want to call it, which you publish on the web.

What better way to get known and further your writing dreams?

But . . .

It doesn’t have to be public. If you’re doing it to keep the family informed,
you can restrict it to members of the family or to your group of friends.

Building a Better Blog A to Z

This series was originally done as part of an A to Z challenge, which I love as it forces me to think out of the box. So each post will contain ideas that will encourage and inspire you as you look at your own blog. I will give you a week to read it and put the ideas into practice before I post the next one. Sign up to receive notification of the next post, so you don’t miss it.

I’d love you to leave a comment or question at the end of each post. If you include a URL in your comment, I will get back to you.

Coming next: Awareness Alert!

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Please Note:

I plan to turn this into an eBook when I’m finished, so is there anything I haven’t covered under the various headings? When you read, please comment if you think of anything I should include. Thank you!

These posts were originally posted as part of the 2017 A to Z Blogging Challenge. Because I’m re-posting them with updates, I have reverted the originals to draft. I apologize if this causes any problems with missing links, but all the posts WILL repeat – on an approximately weekly basis.

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10 comments on “Build a Better Blog – Introduction to Series

  1. I’m looking forward to this but I wonder how you will balance giving just enough free content to get people interested in buying without giving away too much and ruining sales. Wondering if you will discuss that topic.

    • Strange. I can remember responding to this but it hasn’t shown up! Thanks for thinking ahead to this, Alana. My plan is to miss out some letters, perhaps just giving a teaser, and then have them in the book.

    • Thank you, Sue. It’s my intention to post these again on a weekly basis, updating them where necessary, so for that reason I have put the posts back into draft mode – causing some confusion I fear. I need to explain that on the posts!

  2. Shirley, what happened to all of your A-Z posts? I’m fixing broken links on my site when yours popped up, but i can’t seem to find these posts in your search box. What on earth am I doing wrong? Oh well…I will correct the broken link with your home page URL. At least people can find you! Have a good week!

    • Oh dear, Cathy. I have reset them all to draft so I can post them on a weekly basis! I didn’t think of people having the links on their sites! You’ll get the relevant links each week with the next post. Sorry for the hassles, and no, it’s nothing you’ve done wrong. Thanks for telling me. Maybe I need to put an explanation on my posts.

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