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SC: I’ve been out of action with this challenge for a few week. This week, Cee Neuer asks some deep but fun questions in her Share Your World Challenge. Here are my answers.

SYW: wants to know: What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

SC: A day relaxing at a resort with my entire family including my brother and his family. 

SYW: Complete this sentence: My favorite place in the whole world…..

SC:My favourite place in the whole world is the secluded beach on the outskirts of Gordon’s Bay in the Cape. It has trees overhanging the sand, a long beach walk, magnificent mountain scenery, and a fish and chip shop just up the road if you forgot to pack the sandwiches. We have been there with all three babies, so it holds special memories.

SYW: Who was your best friend in elementary school (prior to age 12)?

SC: Jackie Ford. We met when we lived in the same block of flats in Gwelo, Rhodesia (now called Gweru, Zimbabwe) when we were about due to start school. As only children, six months apart, we bonded instantly. We spent our free time from school (prior to 12) like sisters. We shared our mischief and our fun and rarely fought, which is more than can be said for our two dogs. Jackie’s cross foxy, Patches, and my Heinz 57, Brownie, hated each other with a vicious passion, despite the hours they were forced to spend together.

Both of our mothers went out to work, and we were supervised (sort of!) by our grandmothers. Poor old ladies. When I think what we put them through!

When we reached high school age (going on 13), our parents moved to opposite sides of town and we were forced to go to different high schools. So although we are still in touch today, mainly through Facebook, we ended up making new friends. Sadly, I don’t have one photo with us both in it. Jackie, if you’re reading this, do you have any?

SYW: What inspired you this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

SC: Okay, you know what’s coming right? I returned from our 50th wedding celebration to 5 cutting dies from China, and a further 5 arrived during the week. One of them was a beautiful lacy umbrella. I had no idea why I’d ordered it and couldn’t find ideas for cards. It was too big to use it with other dies that I had. So I needed serious inspiration. Here’s a few of what transpired:

How about you?

1. What inspired you this week?

2. Would you like to join the Share Your World challenge? Cee posts a few questions each week, and all participants need do is answer them. It’s a cool way to get to know one another. The idea is to answer the questions without overthinking them and just have fun. If you are interested in joining this blogging challenge—just copy/paste the above questions into a new post and answer them. Then put the link for your post here: Cee’s Challenge.


16 comments on “The Best of Everything. #Share Your World

  1. Loved your memory of your childhood best friend. I had a school friend like that. We hung out together all the time, but after Elementary school, she went to a different middle and high school and we’ve lost touch. It appears forever because I haven’t been able to find her on FB or in community pages, etc. It’s nice that you still are able to stay in touch.

    • Hi Jennifer, it sounds as if our childhood friends ended in similar fashion. Our contact today is very fleeting via Facebook. We live in different parts of S.Africa and haven’t seen each other for many years, something like 25 -30years.

  2. I always find these posts of yours interesting Shirley – I get to know you a little better each time you do a set. And that beach sounds lovely – we have one in Albany that it reminds me of a little – and the fine white sand of our down South beaches is something else I love.

  3. It was wonderful getting to know some more about you, Shirley. I specially loved reading about your friend from your childhood and was reminded of my friend of almost 30 years with whom I am still very much in touch!

  4. Yes I remember those days well as we were probably closer than most sisters. I always think that my life would have turned out very differently if I hadn’t had to change school to one I never liked apart from it’s great science labs and became quite the rebel. I know I have a photo somewhere of us giggling in a mielie field as we refused to keep still while my Mother battled to take the photo, I must look for it 🙂

    • So super to have you visit, Jackie! Yes, I’ve often wondered how our lives would have turned out (both of them) if we hadn’t been parted at that crucial age. I was okay about Chaplin, but as you know I just plain hated school! Oh, I’d love that photo if you can find it. I had one of you admiring baby Alan (who is now a grandfather!!!) in my arms, but we’ve been through all our photos recently looking for a pic for an album celebrating our 50 year anniversary, and I don’t remember seeing it.

  5. A secluded beach sounds perfect right now, because we are getting our first taste of fall (as in “getting closer to cold weather”) weather today. It’s wonderful that you are still in touch with your best friend from elementary school.

    • Yes, amazing that we’re still in touch, even though only via Facebook. I don’t know anyone else that I can think of from those days! Thanks for the visit, Alana.

  6. This was a wonderful fun post .I would love to visit the beach this week.My inspired thought this week was live in the moment.

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