A Long Night

This entry is part 8 of the series Florida 2010

20:30 I’m finally on the plane waiting to take off for Atlanta.

Our youngest, David, and daughter-in-law Pam came over for lunch with the two kiddies. It was so wonderful to see Timmy (6) and Sammy (4) – who jumped into my arms, thrilled to see me. We had a fabulous afternoon sitting outside at the swimming pool.

I spoke to Neil, Marion’s husband twice. The operation was a success, and she now faces a long recovery period. Am I excited? Nope. It was a good time of fellowship with the family, but all the time at the back of my mind I was aware of time clicking silently by. (With the digital era it no longer ticks by—one less cliche to worry about!)
At 17:30 I changed my clothes and closed my cases—then had a major attack of the jitters. What had I forgotten? What if I didn’t . . . couldn’t . . . forgot to . . . ? My family rallied round and shoved me out the door and into the waiting car.
Once we got to the airport I was very grateful to have Al with me. He is an experienced traveller so guided me through all the procedures. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to change my seat to an aisle seat – so I’m stuck at the window. Normally that would be good, but 16 1/2 hours in a window seat for a night flight? Not good. It’s already pitch dark and the journey has yet to begin.
23:00 I have interesting travelling companions – a S.African orthopaedic surgeon going on holiday to the States, and a US resident returning home after 3 weeks touring S.Africa. Both very nice guys, and the one in the centre especially is determined to look after me.  🙂 Am I excited? Nope. Very tired, but too high-wired to sleep. I just watched a movie and am about to play solitaire on the on-board tv.
March 1 – 6:30 Actually slept for a short time. Most unusual, but felt much better for it. We’ve just crossed the coastline. There is a beautiful early dawn sky as the sun starts to rise. Below the lights of the USA twinkle. Am I excited? Oh yes! Now it’s become real, after a 16-and-a-half-hour night.
We’re dropping fast, so next entry will be from Atlanta or maybe Orlando.