A Clean View

The other day I looked across the room at my computer and was startled to notice how grubby the screen had become. Specks of dust, a couple of fingerprints left by a visitor, a smear of something from somewhere . . . It was time to give it a clean. Yet did you know that how you clean screen depends on the type of monitor you have?

First, switch off the monitor. This isn’t essential, but you’ll see the dirt better.

CRTs (Cathode Ray Tube)

These old fashioned monitors have glass screens and can be cleaned with water or a mild window cleaning solution. However do NOT spray anything onto the screen. Not ever! Spray the liquid onto a clean soft cloth, then wipe gently. I used to use paper towels for these screens, then I would carry on and clean the outside of the monitor as well.

LCDs (Liquid Crystal Display)

These flat panel monitors have been in use in laptop computers for a while, and are now the norm with desktop computers as well. These screens are softer than the glass screens and are more susceptible to damage, so treat them with care.

Use a soft clean dry cloth–not paper towel as it can scratch the screen. If necessary, dampen the cloth, then add a small amount of vinegar or isopropyl alcohol. Once again, spray the liquid on the cloth and never directly onto the screen. Better still, invest in a special LCD cleaning cloth. Don’t ever use ammonia-based or any other strong cleaner. You’ll spoil your screen.

Wipe the screen gently in one direction, moving from top to bottom.

You don’t walk around with dirty glasses . . . do you? I hope not. So don’t work with a dirty screen. Follow these simple directions to make sure you have a clear display of your work at all times.

About Shirley

Shirley Corder is an author who writes to inspire and encourage. She has a passion for helping other writers and cancer survivors.